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Hello, and thanks for clicking on this art site!


If you'd like to have a look around you'll see roughly what I have in mind for it, and more will be added over time, so please stop by again.


Baby Cougar



Art For Nature

Wolf (II)











I drew two drawings of this wolf picture. One was donated to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and I have the other one.  R.C.F.

Amur Leopard

It's the rarest big cat in the world; only around 70 individuals are left in the wild.

Amur Leopard



Name:   Amur Leopard 


Location: Russia and China


Weight:  50-60kg (males), 30-35kg (females)


Conservation status:  Critically Endangered


ATLA: Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance is a coalition of 15 International and Russian NGOs working together for the conservation of both big cats.


*Non-Governmental Organisations

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