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Hello, and thanks for clicking on this art site!


If you'd like to have a look around you'll see roughly what I have in mind for it, and more will be added over time, so please stop by again.


Baby Cougar


More Info

I am Sam.  Night Art was founded by me.  I'd like it to grow and be a success. 


'Success' is a relative and loose word, differing accordingly with a person's values and goals.  I'm using it as: If a visitor likes the art I have put on this site and makes he/she think, positively, about animals and nature, then this is success.  If it causes more than just thinking, but an action, by reaching another to try and do a wee bit more for the Greener Good, then this, to me, is successful accomplishment.



The art on this site isn't all animal art, but my ultimate and overall objective is about trying to do right by nature.

The thoughts behind Night Art are to create a site for art, to help promote wildlife awareness & other nature related topics.  It's also about artistic collaborations on different projects with individuals and organisations, and these aren't/won't always be directly related to conservation.       




    Animal Art                                                                                                                                Human Art




I might ask to work with you, if I have an idea I'd like to follow up on.  Or, if you have an idea that you think I could help you with, feel free to contact me. 


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